Friday, September 11, 2015

Girls Day with Grandma

In late March, we went on a girls' date with Grandma.  Vivienne and Evelyn were so excited that they waited by the front door for Grandma to arrive.

We started with some yummy pizza at Mellow Mushroom.

After pizza, we headed to the movies to see Cinderella.  The girls have only been to the movies one time before this (to see the Lego Movie).  They were enthralled by the movie, and by the enormous bowls of popcorn.  Evelyn kept asking (very, very loudly), "What's HER name?  What's HIS name?  What SHE do?"  At least it was a theater full of kids, so her voice wasn't too disruptive.

Cowgirl Day

On this day back in March, Vivienne's preschool class dressed like cowboys and cowgirls.  My mad braiding skills came in handy.

Vivienne adored Mrs. Medez, her assistant teacher, and Mrs. Patrick, her main teacher.  What a great first year of preschool this was.

Batgirl and Princess Quarterback

No description necessary.  Taken on the same winter afternoon.  Hey, at least we actually had some clothes on around here...

February Snow

We got a lot of snow (for North Carolina) this past winter.  The kids enjoyed crunching around in it, building snow men and drinking lots of hot chocolate with daddy home.  Here are a few of my favorite photos.

Miles is adamantly opposed to having his photo taken with the family, so we were very lucky to get this selfie with all 5 of our faces in the frame.  Sort of.

Catching Up

Lots of catching up to do here, so excuse the old posts.  It sure is fun to look back, though, isn't it?