Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Made It to 34 Weeks!

We're at 34 weeks today.  That was the minimum milestone (in weeks) that our OB wanted us to reach.  Hopefully the babies have good respiratory development at this point.  Even if they hang in here for a couple more weeks, there is a possibility that they will have to spend some time in the special care nursery.  We won't really know whether they will need to spend time in the special care nursery until they are born.  We are very relieved to be at 34 weeks.

At this point, I'm carrying more "baby" than a singleton mom carries at 40 weeks.  In addition to that, I'm also carrying double the amniotic sacs and double the placentas.  My belly is absolutely huge.  Somehow, the babies still manage to find enough room to kick like crazy.  Every night, it looks like they are trying to break out or something.  They have also taken to hitting my bladder and my sciatic nerve fairly frequently, which is interesting (and often results in some sort of exclamation like "oh!" from me, which gives Jason a heart attack every time).  I love feeling them move, even when it's uncomfortable.  It gives me a sense of peace that even though our son may be small, he is a strong little guy.  Surely he will be an Ironbaby like his dad.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands now.  This is a bit frustrating, because I love to crochet (especially when I'm supposed to do nothing but sit in my recliner for about 12 hours a day).  When I start crocheting or typing for long periods of time, my fingers get numb and tingly, and it generally does not go away if I stop.  This is supposed to go away gradually after the babies are born.  I really, really hope so.

We think we have their names now, though we're not planning on sharing them until they are born (in case we have any last minute switches). 

Thank you all for your love and prayers throughout our pregnancy.  Please continue to pray that the babies will grow and that they will have a safe delivery.  I would also love to be able to bring them home with us, so I'm praying for that.  At least we know that if they have to stay in the special care nursery, they are in the best hands possible.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Downs & Ups

  • I have what I call "sausage fingers" or "man hands."
  • I also have cankles.
  • I have trouble sleeping on my side.
  • 90-degree North Carolina weather feels like the Sahara Desert.
  • I only have a few maternity shirts that will actually completely cover my gigantic belly.
  • I just started feeling carpal tunnel syndrome when I'm crocheting (which is one of the only things I can do sitting down that makes me still feel productive).
  • I feel like I could sleep for about 16 hours a night.
  • I miss real sushi ("krab" does not count) and wine.
  • Even my face looks different now that I've really started retaining water.
  • My back hurts after sitting in virtually any position for more than about 20 minutes.
  • I can't cross my legs (except at the ankles).
  • I have not worn any shoes that were not flip flops in at least 2 months (so sad).
  • I miss running and being active.
  • I'm pretty sure I weigh more than 200 lbs now.
  • It hurts to stand up for more than about 3 minutes.  (I even wake up with my feet already hurting.)
BUT I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  I have these two tiny hearts beating inside of me and these two beautiful little people that God has entrusted me to raise.  I can't wait to meet them.  They're even worth having cankles for... and that says a lot.  =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Nursery: Before & After

The nursery, for the most part, is completed.  We have a few final touches to add.  Right now, we have one crib in the nursery and one crib set up in our room so that we can figure out the best place for the babies to sleep in the beginning.  Ultimately, both cribs will end up in the nursery.  I need to try to take some pictures in the morning when the sun is on that side of the house, but you can get a pretty good idea from these pics. 

I really can't wait to bring the babies home so that they can see their new room!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I've just recently started feeling the babies hiccup a lot.  Each of them have had the hiccups at different times.  Sometimes they will have them multiple times per day.  I remember reading about this and wondering how in the world I would know whether they were hiccups versus kicks, but now it's very clear.  They are tiny little rhythmic movements.  They usually have about one hiccup every 4 to 5 seconds, and this usually goes on for at least a few minutes.  Of course, I think it's just the neatest thing.  I can't wait to see them hiccup out here with us.  =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

33 Weeks

We're 33 weeks today.  I can't believe it.  It's getting so close now.

We had another growth scan yesterday.  Our little girl is up to 4 lb 2 oz (32nd percentile).  The little guy is only at 3 lb 9 oz (16.7th percentile).  They also took another cervical length measurement, and it's down to 2.5 cm.  That's right at the edge of where they want it to be (anywhere 2.5 cm or higher).

 The ultrasound tech asked when our next OB appointment is.  We told her that it's a week from Friday.  She sent us upstairs to see the OB so that they could review the ultrasound results.  When we got up to the OB office, it was locked.  Go figure that the only time we get "sent upstairs" unexpectedly, the office is closed because they are all in CPR training.

We waited a few minutes while our doctor drove in.  That was a little nerve-wracking, because the ultrasound tech couldn't really tell us anything.  After the OB got there, he did a fibronectin test to see if there were any indications that I was going to go into pre-term labor.  (He said that he's more concerned about the cervical length than the little guy's small size.  That was good to hear, because I worry about the babies being strong and healthy.)  The fibronectin test came back negative, which is good - meaning that it's highly unlikely that I would go into labor within the next 1 to 2 weeks.  Regardless, I'm supposed to try to take it easy and put my feet up as much as possible.  We'll be at 34 weeks next week, so I'm glad to know that we'll probably at least get to 34 weeks, and hopefully we'll get to 36 weeks.

Despite the fact that our son is half a pound behind his sister, what he lacks in size he makes up for in spunk.  Jason and I said this in unison yesterday while we were going from the ultrasound lab up to the OB office.  He certainly moves around a whole lot more than his sister.  I'm thankful for that, because it gives me reassurance that he's healthy and strong.

We also found out yesterday that I'm about half a centimeter dilated.  They are both still head down (I have no idea how they would possibly have room in there to flip at this point), so we're still hoping for a vaginal delivery.  There is some possibility that she could flip around after he comes out ("wow, it's so roomy in here now!").  I'm praying for that not to happen.

The scale said 199.5 this morning.  I'm hanging on to 200 lbs by just a thread... literally. But I'm a walking party-of-three, so I feel just fine about it.  It's hard to believe that we're going to meet our little burritos soon!

Product of Chipotle

Our little burritos 
(No, this picture has not been altered.  My stomach really is that big.)

Car Seats

This past weekend, we finally got around to installing the car seats in the Rav4.  Right now, we're using the LATCH system and putting one seat behind the passenger side and one seat behind the driver side.  We have to have the front seats pulled very far forward, but we can still manage to drive the car.  It's pretty clear that we will not be going on any road trips with these babies unless we rent something larger.  I'm just not ready to buy another car (minivan) yet.  We just bought this one used about a year and a half ago, and I really like it.  We'll see how long that lasts.  =)

Jason's car seat installation method

Soon there are going to be two babies riding back there.

I think I'm going to have some strong biceps after these babies get here!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Girl's Blanket

I finally finished the blanket for our baby girl.  This one took me forever - mainly because we were spending so much time fixing up the nursery.  Here is the finished project:

I hope she likes pink!

Happy First Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!  I am so excited to be celebrating this Father's Day with my wonderful husband.  He has taken such wonderful care of me and these babies.  He is truly one of the most selfless, loving people I've ever met.

On Friday, he called from work just to say he loved me.  I told him that I was having a "blah" day.  I felt tired, bored, not interested in really doing anything, not feeling like I had accomplished anything... just one of those "blah" days.  He came home from work with some diet Dr. Pepper (my favorite), some cookie dough ice cream and a rental movie.  It's these little things that remind me that he loves me, and can take any day from "blah" to another special day that we have together.

I have one more story that I want to capture here.  Last year, I had signed up to take a class on how to make paper roses.  I signed up way ahead of time, but a last-minute work trip came up and I had to be out of town and miss the class.  When I got home from that trip, Jason had a little vase of paper roses here for me.  He had gone to the class in my place.  I think it was him and about 6 other ladies in the class.  He learned how to make them so that he could make me some and then teach me what I had missed in the class.  I immediately started crying, because I was just so moved by what a thoughtful, sweet man I get to share my life with.  (And, of course, my eyes tear up as I type this.)

Happy First Father's Day, Jason!  There are a million reasons and examples that I could give at how you are a good father already.  You have taken such wonderful care of me and these two babies.  I think our kids have already hit the paternal jackpot in you.  I love you so much.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

32 Weeks!

We're at 32 weeks today - wow! The babies are doing really well. We had another doctor's appointment yesterday, and everything looks great. My blood pressure is good and the babies' heartbeats are strong. I think my weight yesterday was 198 lbs.  So I am clearly going to pass 200 lbs before these babies come.  The nurse said she almost wrote down 299 lbs (ok, 200 lbs is one thing, 300 lbs is completely another thing!).  Needless to say, I am eager to be able to start working out again once the babies are here and my body has had some time to heal.

I'm feeling much more tired these days, and it's getting uncomfortable to do most things - standing, walking, bending over, picking up things.  Even when I'm just sitting, I really want to be able to recline slightly.  The babies push on my lungs and ribs, so it's much more comfortable if I can recline and give them more room in my abdomen.  Both of their sets of feet actually stick up in front of my rib cage at times, which feels pretty uncomfortable.  On the other hand, I'm just glad that they have strong little legs that they can use to stretch and kick.  I wonder if they will be athletes like their daddy.

My feet have begun to swell to enormous proportions.  I actually find this somewhat disturbing.  My hands have been swelling for a long time, but my swollen feet just look really, really bad to me.  It's funny that I'm more self-conscious of that than my gigantic belly.  Luckily, my mom took me for a pedicure a couple weeks ago, so at least my toes look pretty (thanks, Mom!).

The babies have clearly started pushing on my bladder at times.  It's really difficult to describe how this feels, but it is very, very clear that they are pushing on my bladder.  Even though this is a little uncomfortable, I love just knowing that they are in there and that they are using their little muscles.  

The babies should be almost 4 lbs now.  We'll have another growth scan next week to get more up-to-date estimations on their actual size.

We think we may be close to naming them.  The little girl has a name, but we're still not totally solid on our little guy's name yet.  I guess it would be weird if he were 13 years old and we still call him "Baby A," so we're going to have to settle on something.  =)

What Are the Chances He Would Be Struck By Lightning?

So around 7 PM last night, it started down-pouring here.  We have been having major problems with our gutter system on our house recently, and we just had them cleaned out really well.  I had asked Jason whether there was lightning, because I was thinking of going out there with an umbrella to look at the gutters.  Then I heard some thunder and decided that was obviously a bad idea.

Jason went outside in the storm (without an umbrella), walking around the house and inspecting all of our gutters. Luckily, the gutters were all draining properly and it appears that our gutter problem may no longer be an issue.

While he was out there, there was a very loud clap of thunder at the exact same time as a bright flash of lightning.  It worried me so much that I opened the front door (in only my robe, which doesn't really properly cover the vastness that is my belly now) and started calling Jason's name.  He didn't respond for about a minute, and then he walked around the house dripping wet, of course.

Then we heard a ton of firetrucks and police cars going right past out house.  It turns out that lightning had struck a tree about 200 meters from our house.  Two nearby houses caught fire. Luckily, no one was injured. Here is a map from our home to one of the homes that caught fire:

View Larger Map

I didn't fully appreciate it until I read the news story this morning, but I sure am glad that God was watching over us yesterday evening.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not So Helpful Comments...

It's interesting to be an expecting mother of twins.  Here are some of the comments that I have gotten that I find not so helpful:

  • Better you than me.  (Thank you.  I'm glad they are mine, too.)
  • I'm expecting my second child, so this will be hard - but not nearly as hard as it's going to be for you.  (Thanks, best of luck to you, too)
  • I could never have survived twins.  (Well, I hope I somehow survive this.)
And a plethora of other negatives that I would rather not post.  I know that most people don't mean to discourage me, but I find these kinds of comments extremely annoying.  Pregnancy is somewhat scary, treading into unknown waters, for all new moms and certainly for first-time twin moms.

On the other hand, I have gotten many very encouraging words from friends, family and even strangers.  So, people, please keep the encouragement coming!  =)

This whole experience has made me much more aware of what I'm saying to other people.  Not that I don't still put my foot in my mouth sometimes...

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Nursery: Part 3 (Mural)

We had a beautiful mural painted in the babies' nursery by a very talented artist from our church, Tom Connolly.  He spent many hours up in the nursery creating a lovely outdoor scene for our little ones.  Here are some pictures of the finished mural:

This large scene is on the main wall in the nursery.  He even painted the twins.  

The cute bunny is in the corner near our changing table.

This adorable little guy is near the light switch by the door.

I'll have to post some pictures of the nursery once we've painted the trim - the final touch.  That will give a better sense of the scale.

A huge thanks to Tom for a beautiful mural for our little ones!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Inquisitive Beauty

Earlier this week, I babysat my dear friend's children while she took another child to a doctor's appointment.  Kylie is 4 and Caleb is 3, and they are about the cutest darn things I've ever seen.  I am sad that "Miss Leslie" doesn't have quite as much pep in her step as she used to.  I would usually be trying to find fun, active things to do, like going for a walk or playing in the sprinkler or playing hide and go seek.  This week, my main objective was to do as many things as we could do that involved the least movement (and the least time outside in our sweltering southern summer heat and humidity).

Throughout the day, both children asked me many questions about the babies.  Caleb has been fascinated by my gigantic belly, and his mom tells me that he has frequently prayed for the "babies in Miss Leslie's belly" during his bedtime prayers.

Kylie asked me so many questions this week.  I just had to post some of them:

  1. Miss Leslie, why do you walk funny now?
  2. Why do you walk so slow?
  3. Miss Leslie, why do the babies make you so tired?
  4. Why are you hot all the time?
  5. When the babies pop out of your tummy, will we be able to see your stomach?
  6. Are you going to stay at the hospital?
  7. We're not going to stay at the hospital, are we?
  8. When the babies pop out of your belly, will it make a loud noise?  (I think she thinks it will actually make a popping sound.)
  9. Why do the babies kick you?
  10. Is it dark in there?
  11. How big will the babies be?  Will they be this big?  (She holds her fingers about a millimeter apart.)  Will they be THIS big?  (She holds her arms open wide.  I assure her that the babies are somewhere in between the two sizes.)
Kylie has a penchant for all things fashion and clothing.  She is constantly pulling my shirts down for me, because I think it bugs her that they creep up.  Even the large maternity shirts are starting to creep up over this huge belly.

I'm looking forward to being back to the energetic "Miss Leslie" that used to be able to play more actively with Kylie and Caleb when I hang out with them.  At least Mr. Jason compensates for my lack of "pep" when he is able to play, too.

The Countdown Begins

We had another busy weekend, counting down the weeks until our babies are out here with us.  We spent some time working on the nursery baseboard (installed quarter-round after we put in the laminate, but we still need to patch a couple small holes and paint it).  The nursery mural is almost finished.  I can't wait to post pictures of it.

On Friday night, we made homemade chocolate chip cookies for the Durham Rescue Mission.  Our life group served dinner there on Saturday night.  Saturday morning, we had a maternity shoot at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.  These gardens are absolutely beautiful, and admission is free.  If you live near the gardens and you have not been, it is definitely worth the trip.  Our shoot was from 9 am to 10 am, and I was nearly melting at 10 am.  I think my feet and hands were swollen to about twice their normal size.  When we get the digital images from the shoot, I'll definitely post them.

Today, we started the day by going to CVS for a diaper deal.  I got 7 jumbos of Huggies and Pampers (usually around $10 or $11 each) for $18 total!  These would usually be about $75 retail.  It was amazing.  The Huggies were on sale for $8.50 and then I had a $3 off coupon for all the Huggies.  The Pampers were on clearance for $2.99 each!  Then I had a $1 Extra Bucks coupon, a $10 coupon for doing a CVS survey online, and a $4 off $20 purchase coupon.  Pretty good deal, huh?!  I think we have about a month to a month and a half of newborn size diapers now, so I'll probably start looking for Size 1s.  I don't think we'll have any problem using the newborn sizes up, considering that we'll use somewhere between 16 and 24 diapers a day (500 - 750 diapers in the first month alone).  We would eventually like to consider switching to cloth diapers, but we're going to have to play that by ear.

After church, we finished up odds & ends here around the house, including finishing a shadow box of Jason's Ironman bibs, swim caps and medals.  This has been on our list of to-do's for about 8 months.  I'm so proud of all that Jason has accomplished.  Here is our finished shadow box:

And here is what my belly looks like at 31.5 weeks:

My belly button still hasn't popped, but it's about flush with my belly now.  It gets more and more shallow by the day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Shower!

Our dear friends from our life group threw us a North Carolina baby shower.  It was absolutely wonderful.  They had balloons on the mailbox, matching cups and plates, absolutely delicious grilled skewers (shrimp, chicken and veggies - yum!)... even fudgey brownies with chocolate icing... mmmm... chocolate...

It was just a wonderful time with friends.  We enjoyed the delicious food and then we opened gifts.  It was so much fun to have the guys there, too.  The gifts were wonderful, of course.  I can't wait to read the new books to our little ones or dress them in the adorable clothes we received.  Beth even made us the cutest diaper cake.

I can't bring myself to take it apart!  The shower was also fun because we knew that our little niece was being born that day.  So it was a celebration of Elizabeth's birth, too!

A HUGE thank you to Melissa and Brad for hosting this wonderful shower.  You guys went above & beyond on this one.  Thanks for loving us and our babies.  We can't wait to return the favor someday.  =)  And thanks to all our friends who were there to celebrate with us.

Friday, June 11, 2010

31 Weeks!

I feel so far behind on posting.  It's been a busy week.  The biggest news is that we're at 31.5 weeks now.  I let Wednesday pass without my usual "here is what's happening with our babies" post. 

At 31 weeks, they should be around 4 lbs (give or take).  They should gain about half a pound a week from here on out.  I guess that means that I should be gaining a pound of "baby" a week.  It's so interesting that they can grow that fast.  At this point, they are mainly just gaining fat, and their bodies should be about as long as they're going to be when they're born.  Their iris color should be developing around this time.  We think that surely they will have brown eyes, because we both have brown eyes.  You never know, though.

These babies are kicking up a storm now.  It really looks like they're trying to escape sometimes.  Our little girl seems to have gotten her second wind in the kicking department and is trying to keep up with her brother.  We're trying to capture some good video of it.

If we make it to 36 weeks, that means that we only have 5 weeks to go.  If we get all the way to 38 weeks, we only have 7 weeks to go.  I just can't wait to meet them!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Beautiful Baby Girl

I have so much to write about, but I wanted to just post a quick picture of my beautiful niece, Elizabeth.  What a cutie...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Downy Woodpecker

I have a bird feeder outside my office window.  I love to watch the birds while I work.  I usually see lots of cardinals, towhees, Carolina wrens, chickadees, and titmice.  Ever now and then I see something new, and I reach for my "Birds of the Carolinas" book to try to identify them. 

Today I saw a downy woodpecker.  It was a female, because she didn't have the red feathers on her head.  I didn't get my own picture, but she looked something like this (without the red):

I love living here with all the wildlife.  We see bunnies in our front and back yards very frequently this time of year.  Almost any time you go outside in the morning or evening, there will be 1 or 2 bunnies nibbling on our weeds (which should be grass).  In the back yard, which is mostly woods, we have seen foxes, deer and rabbits, not to mention a wide variety of birds.

Goodbye, Bradford Pear!

My parents came to visit this past weekend from Georgia.  Whenever they come here, we always have a long list of power tools or devices that we ask them to bring with them.  And they generously always bring them.

This time, they brought along a chain saw and other various cutting mechanisms so that we could remove the Bradford pear tree from our front yard.  This tree was about 10 years old, probably would not last much longer, and dramatically blocked the view of our house from the street.  For some reason, the developers put it right in the middle of our front yard in the middle of our house.

Here is what our house looked like before the chainsaw:

Here is what it looks like now:

I think Jason really enjoyed using the chainsaw.  I was admittedly jealous that I could not participate.  This is exactly the kind of activity that I usually really, really enjoy.  But, alas, "pregnancy" and "chainsaw" do not belong in the same sentence...

The first limb comes down.
I think maybe we pruned that tree a bit lopsided...

Jason likes the chainsaw.

The last limb comes down.

I think the yard is going to look great once we get the drainage problem fixed and some sod put in.  Our yard is really a total mess right now.  You can't tell from the pictures, but I'm pretty sure that none of that green stuff is actually grass.

They took that tree out in a couple hours on Friday night.  On Saturday, Mom took me to get pedicures (which were FABULOUS), then we went to eat lunch out together.  By the time we got home, Dad and Jason were drenched in sweat, slightly sunburned, VERY dusty and had taken down three smaller trees in our yard (silver maples that were planted about 8 feet from our house - not a good idea) and had somehow taken out a gigantic tree from our backyard (that surely must have been at least 40 or 50 feet high).  Jason said it involved an extension ladder and a chainsaw... I just don't want to know the details...

While we hate to kill trees, we don't want very large trees growing close to our house.  The large tree in the backyard was coming very close to touching our house with 3 or 4 very large limbs.

With my dad's chainsaw and labor, we saved ourselves about $500 of tree removal by professionals, I'm sure.  Today, we had someone grind all the stumps.  It feels so good to have this taken care of.

Thanks, Dad!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to the World, Elizabeth Anne!

I feel like I'm so overdue to post.  It's been an exciting weekend.  My parents have been here visiting.  The big news is that my gorgeous baby niece, Elizabeth Anne, was born to proud parents Brian & Mary, my brother and my sister-in-law.

All is well with baby & momma.  She weighs 7 lbs 9 oz and is 21 inches long.  Here are some pictures of the most beautiful new little Smith.

Elizabeth and her beautiful mom.  You know where she gets it from.  =)

She looks slightly concerned about something.

Proud Daddy. 

Tired little girl.  It's been a long day...

We love you guys and can't wait to meet her!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Hi. My name is Leslie. And I have a problem."

I'm clearly a Chipotlaholic. I went to lunch at Chipotle today, and the checkout guy said,"You're in here so often - today it's on us."

Wow. They give me free food because I am such a dedicated supporter of Chipotle. I clearly, clearly have a problem.

There is actually an "Addicted to Chipotle" group on Facebook. I'm thinking about joining, just for the support...

30 Weeks!!

Whoohoo! We have hit a landmark week - week 30! We're at 30 weeks today. It feels good to be in the thirties. I was talking to another woman yesterday, and she was talking about how at the beginning, you just want to get past 12 weeks, then 20 weeks, then 27 weeks, then 30 weeks, then 34 weeks... always another "week" mark that you're aiming for after you reach the next one. But I'm glad that we're officially in the 30s now. Less than two months before our babies are here!

The babies should weigh about 3 pounds now, about the weight of a head of cabbage. Our babies are starting to build up their subcutaneous fat, and they should be about 16 inches long. Their eyesight is developing, but it's about 20/400 right now, which means that they can only see a few inches from their faces. That's not surprising, considering that there is nothing around them that's further away than a few inches, I suppose.

They are kicking up a storm lately. I can feel their little legs moving and their arms punching lower in my belly. I think they actually push on my bladder sometimes with their hands, and that feels really bizarre (and makes me need to pee!). I can often see one of their feet move clear across my belly. I'm going to try to get some better video in good light and post it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joy With a Bit of Mourning

Jason and I have wanted to have babies since we got married. It took us a little longer than we thought to get pregnant, which included some scary tests and one outpatient procedure. (I will eventually get around to writing about those things, because I think it affects a lot of women, and I would love to share my experiences with anyone else who is facing the same thing... you're not the only one.)

Don't get me wrong - I am overjoyed that we're having children. And not only are we having one baby, but we're having TWO! I just cannot wait to meet them, and I love them to pieces already.

However, I was emailing a dear friend recently about some mourning that associates all this joy. While I'm thrilled to have these babies, there is a small piece of me that mourns the end of this part of my life. A new chapter is opening, but that means that a chapter is closing. Jason and I have been married for three wonderful years, and it has been wonderful to share my life with him. We have already had many great adventures - Hawaii, Yosemite backpacking, 4 Ironmans (him racing, me cheering him on in Arizona, Idaho, Lake Placid), two half marathons (where we actually did run together), moving across the country, buying our first home together. It has been an amazing time in my life, and I have loved every day of being married to him.

There is a part of me that is sad to lose that. These babies are going to change our lives forever. I know that these changes will be mostly wonderful things, but I recognize at the same time that I am also letting go of something.

Of course, the loss is definitely worth the gain in this case. As one chapter closes, a new one begins. Our great adventures will just have to take a new shape now...

Another Good Doctor's Appointment

We had another doctor's appointment this morning. We have them every other week now. Everything looks great.

They did a finger prick, and my iron looks great. The doctor said that lots of her twin moms show signs of anemia at this point, and my iron is wonderful. My blood pressure was 118/something. (I can't remember the diastolic.) So no problems there. There wasn't any protein in my urine sample, so pre-eclampsia isn't an issue right now.

The babies are at the 35th percentile based on their size estimates, but she said that that's on the smaller side of what's considered normal, so she's not concerned about it at all. She wouldn't have even brought it up if I hadn't asked her about it.

All in all - great appointment! I'm so blessed to have these two healthy babies. Now if we can just name these little guys...