Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Inquisitive Beauty

Earlier this week, I babysat my dear friend's children while she took another child to a doctor's appointment.  Kylie is 4 and Caleb is 3, and they are about the cutest darn things I've ever seen.  I am sad that "Miss Leslie" doesn't have quite as much pep in her step as she used to.  I would usually be trying to find fun, active things to do, like going for a walk or playing in the sprinkler or playing hide and go seek.  This week, my main objective was to do as many things as we could do that involved the least movement (and the least time outside in our sweltering southern summer heat and humidity).

Throughout the day, both children asked me many questions about the babies.  Caleb has been fascinated by my gigantic belly, and his mom tells me that he has frequently prayed for the "babies in Miss Leslie's belly" during his bedtime prayers.

Kylie asked me so many questions this week.  I just had to post some of them:

  1. Miss Leslie, why do you walk funny now?
  2. Why do you walk so slow?
  3. Miss Leslie, why do the babies make you so tired?
  4. Why are you hot all the time?
  5. When the babies pop out of your tummy, will we be able to see your stomach?
  6. Are you going to stay at the hospital?
  7. We're not going to stay at the hospital, are we?
  8. When the babies pop out of your belly, will it make a loud noise?  (I think she thinks it will actually make a popping sound.)
  9. Why do the babies kick you?
  10. Is it dark in there?
  11. How big will the babies be?  Will they be this big?  (She holds her fingers about a millimeter apart.)  Will they be THIS big?  (She holds her arms open wide.  I assure her that the babies are somewhere in between the two sizes.)
Kylie has a penchant for all things fashion and clothing.  She is constantly pulling my shirts down for me, because I think it bugs her that they creep up.  Even the large maternity shirts are starting to creep up over this huge belly.

I'm looking forward to being back to the energetic "Miss Leslie" that used to be able to play more actively with Kylie and Caleb when I hang out with them.  At least Mr. Jason compensates for my lack of "pep" when he is able to play, too.


  1. I think my favorite is the popping noise.
    And thanks for sparing the "touching" story. :)

  2. The "touching" story would warrant a TMI citation... ;-)

  3. Now you gals have me wondering....=)