Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Shower!

Our dear friends from our life group threw us a North Carolina baby shower.  It was absolutely wonderful.  They had balloons on the mailbox, matching cups and plates, absolutely delicious grilled skewers (shrimp, chicken and veggies - yum!)... even fudgey brownies with chocolate icing... mmmm... chocolate...

It was just a wonderful time with friends.  We enjoyed the delicious food and then we opened gifts.  It was so much fun to have the guys there, too.  The gifts were wonderful, of course.  I can't wait to read the new books to our little ones or dress them in the adorable clothes we received.  Beth even made us the cutest diaper cake.

I can't bring myself to take it apart!  The shower was also fun because we knew that our little niece was being born that day.  So it was a celebration of Elizabeth's birth, too!

A HUGE thank you to Melissa and Brad for hosting this wonderful shower.  You guys went above & beyond on this one.  Thanks for loving us and our babies.  We can't wait to return the favor someday.  =)  And thanks to all our friends who were there to celebrate with us.

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