Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not So Helpful Comments...

It's interesting to be an expecting mother of twins.  Here are some of the comments that I have gotten that I find not so helpful:

  • Better you than me.  (Thank you.  I'm glad they are mine, too.)
  • I'm expecting my second child, so this will be hard - but not nearly as hard as it's going to be for you.  (Thanks, best of luck to you, too)
  • I could never have survived twins.  (Well, I hope I somehow survive this.)
And a plethora of other negatives that I would rather not post.  I know that most people don't mean to discourage me, but I find these kinds of comments extremely annoying.  Pregnancy is somewhat scary, treading into unknown waters, for all new moms and certainly for first-time twin moms.

On the other hand, I have gotten many very encouraging words from friends, family and even strangers.  So, people, please keep the encouragement coming!  =)

This whole experience has made me much more aware of what I'm saying to other people.  Not that I don't still put my foot in my mouth sometimes...


  1. It's funny isn't it? I could tell you life is gonna be busy, but I really don't think I'd be telling you anything new. And besides, it's gonna be busy in two wonderful ways!
    And believe me when I say I can relate to the not so helpful comment receiving...

  2. Okay.... here goes..." You go you Big Momma you...do your thing!"

    Hope that helps...we love you,can't wait and are proud of you both for many reasons.

  3. Just wait until you get parenting comments, and don't get me started on people telling me not to vaccinate Adria.

    From what I hear, having an infant and a toddler is harder than twins...and most of our parents somehow survived that (I hope to too someday).

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, everybody!