Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Made It to 34 Weeks!

We're at 34 weeks today.  That was the minimum milestone (in weeks) that our OB wanted us to reach.  Hopefully the babies have good respiratory development at this point.  Even if they hang in here for a couple more weeks, there is a possibility that they will have to spend some time in the special care nursery.  We won't really know whether they will need to spend time in the special care nursery until they are born.  We are very relieved to be at 34 weeks.

At this point, I'm carrying more "baby" than a singleton mom carries at 40 weeks.  In addition to that, I'm also carrying double the amniotic sacs and double the placentas.  My belly is absolutely huge.  Somehow, the babies still manage to find enough room to kick like crazy.  Every night, it looks like they are trying to break out or something.  They have also taken to hitting my bladder and my sciatic nerve fairly frequently, which is interesting (and often results in some sort of exclamation like "oh!" from me, which gives Jason a heart attack every time).  I love feeling them move, even when it's uncomfortable.  It gives me a sense of peace that even though our son may be small, he is a strong little guy.  Surely he will be an Ironbaby like his dad.

I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands now.  This is a bit frustrating, because I love to crochet (especially when I'm supposed to do nothing but sit in my recliner for about 12 hours a day).  When I start crocheting or typing for long periods of time, my fingers get numb and tingly, and it generally does not go away if I stop.  This is supposed to go away gradually after the babies are born.  I really, really hope so.

We think we have their names now, though we're not planning on sharing them until they are born (in case we have any last minute switches). 

Thank you all for your love and prayers throughout our pregnancy.  Please continue to pray that the babies will grow and that they will have a safe delivery.  I would also love to be able to bring them home with us, so I'm praying for that.  At least we know that if they have to stay in the special care nursery, they are in the best hands possible.


  1. WOOHOO! Congratulations on another milestone. It is like you are hitting the final portion of a nine month marathon. I pray that you and they will finish strong. Can't wait to meet my newest grandchildren. What a grand year! Love you all, Dad.

  2. Congrats on making it to 34 weeks. I think my friend Bridget had her twins at 36 weeks and was able to take them home right away. So hang in there a couple more weeks, then go to the massages chairs at Brookstone, hehe.