Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Good Doctor's Appointment

We had another doctor's appointment this morning. We have them every other week now. Everything looks great.

They did a finger prick, and my iron looks great. The doctor said that lots of her twin moms show signs of anemia at this point, and my iron is wonderful. My blood pressure was 118/something. (I can't remember the diastolic.) So no problems there. There wasn't any protein in my urine sample, so pre-eclampsia isn't an issue right now.

The babies are at the 35th percentile based on their size estimates, but she said that that's on the smaller side of what's considered normal, so she's not concerned about it at all. She wouldn't have even brought it up if I hadn't asked her about it.

All in all - great appointment! I'm so blessed to have these two healthy babies. Now if we can just name these little guys...

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  1. I have a theory: Your iron levels and Chipotle addiction are correlated.