Thursday, May 27, 2010

Video of Baby Boy Kicking

I've been trying to catch the babies kicking on video for a couple nights now.  I've been sitting in my wonderful recliner with the camera on the side table while I crochet and watch TV.  Usually, when they start, I try to grab the camera, remove the lens cap, turn it on and start shooting... only to find that they have stopped.  Well, tonight I finally got a few good kicks on video.

And now... we present to you... Little Man Kicking (watch for him on the right side of my belly)...


  1. Wow, that's kinda crazy! Great kicks little man ~ I think I see a future soccer star!
    Oh, and that plate of what appears to be chocolate cake sure doesn't look like crochet... ;)

  2. We love it! Brian's a little freaked but i'm not sure if it's seeing the kicking or seeing your belly:-)

  3. So wonderful! I just love this! I think he's trying to get his foot unstuck from your rib! :) He's gonna love seeing this when he's older.

  4. Meanwhile, Sister in next compartment is wondering when that party next door is going to end so she can just GET SOME SLEEP!!!!

    Love it.

  5. It's actually an almond butter & jelly sandwich on the plate - I swear! Maybe he was kicking because he wanted cake. Who am I to deprive him?