Wednesday, May 19, 2010

28 Weeks

We're at 28 weeks today.  I celebrated by toasting to the morning with some Glucola.  This was definitely less tasty than my morning coffee, which I have not had for over 7 months now.  I told Jason that this tastes like really nasty hummingbird food (not that I've ever drunk hummingbird food before).

I had to drink that at home and then be at the doctor's office exactly 60 minutes later to have my blood drawn (to test for gestational diabetes).  Unfortunately, I decided to go to Harris Teeter to pick up a few things (today they started super double coupons - doubling up to $1.98).  I got a bit tied up there and showed up at the doctor 3 minutes late.  Luckily, there is a 5-minute grace period.  Phew!  I should get the results at the next appointment in two weeks.

Today marked an important milestone for me.  Since I was a little girl, I've had a phobia of needles and anything piercing my skin.  Today was the first time that I can remember (in my entire life, no exaggeration) that I had blood drawn and did not shed a tear.  I was breathing deeply, but my eyes didn't even water up.  Go, me!  I felt like the phlebotomist should at least have given me an "I'm a big girl" sticker or something.  Alas, I got nothing.

After the tearless blood drawing, I went up for my regular OB appointment.  We listened to the babies' heartbeats.  I love hearing their heartbeats.  They did the regular blood pressure, weight, urine, swollen hand check, etc.  The doctor said that everything looks great.

We're at 28 weeks today.  The babies should be just over 2 pounds now.  We'll get another growth scan next week to be sure that they're both growing well.  They can blink and they have eyelashes (hopefully they have my eyelashes!).  =)  The babies can cough, suck and they practice breathing.  They can also have REM sleep now... I wonder what they're dreaming?

I found the comparison of these two pictures fairly entertaining:

 With one baby at 28 weeks

With two babies at 28 weeks

Notice how much more extended the second belly is.  I'm really starting to feel like this now.  I would really like to know where in this schematic my organs are going?  I keep asking Jason what my belly is going to look like if we make it 10 more weeks.  I can't believe it's just 2.5 months (at the most) before we meet these little people.  They are kicking up quite a storm these days.


  1. That's great that babies & mama are all doing well! More belly pictures please!

  2. So great to hear about your needle phobia being conquered! I'm proud of you!!! WHOO!

  3. Miracles do happen! (in response to the needle thing ~ you go girl!)
    And getting tied up at Harris Teeter? Oh Leslie...