Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why Friday Nights (Or Early Saturday Mornings)?

Why, babies?  Why do you kick me so late on Friday nights, or should I say early on Saturday mornings?  This is the second week in a row that I was up around 4 am on a Saturday morning, unable to fall back asleep, wondering if a bowl of cereal could appease my growling stomach.

And since I'm awake and it's 5:30 AM now and dark outside - why in the world are there birds chirping up a storm out there??  Shouldn't the birds at least wait for the first tiny beam of sunlight to crest the horizon?

At least I have been able to spend more time researching how we should build new shelving into the nursery closet.  Though I think using my brain for this relatively simple problem-solving is going to make it all the less likely that I will fall back asleep...

Maybe I should try getting back into bed...


  1. Leslie, the babies are preparing you for those late night and early morning feedings! The joys of being pregnant! Hope you have a great weekend! Brooke Sines

  2. Yeah, what is it with the birds while it is still DARK outside? You know, I was up at the same time this morning, we should have been chatting instead of me stewing that I couldn't go back to sleep!

  3. That's my painting. I'm glad you liked it. I just found that you used it.

    Karen Aune