Wednesday, May 5, 2010

26 Weeks

We are at 26 weeks today... getting closer and closer to 30 weeks by the day.  I can't believe it will only be 11 weeks (or less) before we meet our babies!

The babies are supposed to be about 14 inches from head to heel, the size of an English hothouse cucumber.  That seems like an awfully random vegetable to associate with 14 inches, but I guess the baby websites have to start reaching a bit to find something that matches.  =)  Not just any cucumber... an English hothouse cucumber...

We still haven't decided on names for them, but we think we may be getting close.  We stopped sharing our top names with people when we realized that some folks responded less than enthusiastically to some of our name choices.  Then we would get skewed by their responses... which ones they liked or didn't like.  So we've decided not to tell people our names until we at least select them... and maybe we'll even wait until they're born to tell everyone.  We're not sure yet.

The babies are moving more and more every day.  I'm getting to the point now where I can feel one of their body parts kind of pushing out against me.  Usually I think I can feel the little guy's bootie pushing out against my abdomen.  You can definitely feel that there is something hard underneath my skin.  I thought all of this would be strange, but I just really love every minute of it!

I met with a postpartum doula today to learn more about her services.  She would come to help us during the day (learning the basics, helping with the babies, allowing me to actually take a nap or two, helping with light housework and meal prep) or come during the evenings to help us with the night feedings.  The Executive Team at my company generously offered to pay for someone to help us after the babies are born.  Otherwise, we probably wouldn't even be looking into these options.  I really liked the woman that I met today, so we'll have to see what we decide.


  1. Oh, English hothouse cucumbers. Glad the experts clarified that one...

  2. I say keep your short list of names secret until your babies are out and named. It is definitely your decision, let the rest of the world be surprised. And then when you tell people what their names are, the only thing you will hear is "Oh, what a beautiful name!" :)