Thursday, May 13, 2010

The OJ Incident

I have a dear friend who often writes on her blog about "keeping it real" - things that happen in their lives that are examples of how our lives are not so "charmed" all the time.

Last night, I think I had a good "keeping it real" moment.  I did the laundry yesterday, and then I got up the motivation to go for a walk.  When I got home, Jason and I did some small chores around the house and I took my wonderful, wonderful shower.  (I love showers and have been often taking two showers a day lately.)

I was just boiling water to make dinner, and I was opening the fridge.  Jason had just pulled out the OJ from the fridge.  He likes to shake his drinks vigorously before he pours them (OJ, even milk).  So he gave it a good shake about a foot away from me.  Unfortunately, the lid was not securely sealed, and I was doused in freezing orange juice (in my newly washed rob with my freshly showered body).  It was freezing.  I think I instinctively responded with,"$#*T!  Why did you do that?"  Jason responded,"Why was this not closed?"  (Jason is the only person in our house who drinks OJ, so I'm pretty sure that I know who didn't close it all the way last time it was used.)  =)  He felt really bad and apologized and started wiping up the OJ.

Now, this was, of course, a complete accident.  Jason did not intentionally spray me with freezing orange juice.  Well, blame it on the pregnancy hormones... I actually got more mad at him than I've been in 5 (?) years of dating and marriage.  I was quite literally on the verge of tears... about orange juice.  (Clearly, pregnancy hormones are having some effect on me, because this is not normal.)  Luckily, I recognized my anger level was "unsafe" for any continued interaction, and just went upstairs to take off my citrus robe and wash myself down with a wet rag to remove the stickiness that covered my formerly clean, freshly showered body.  I came back downstairs and we proceeded to make and eat dinner and have a lovely evening watching Glee together.  I got over the "OJ incident" quickly.

In retrospect, I find it entertaining that I got so ticked off about something so silly and something that was just an honest mistake that anyone could make.  I guess I should be thankful that in more than 3 years of marriage, we have never had more drama than the "OJ incident."  I also realized that I need to work on not responding to getting doused with freezing OJ with exclamations like "$#*t".  I definitely want to avoid saying things like that in front of our children.  It just seemed so appropriate at the time, though. 

I also must say that Jason is a ridiculously good husband and daddy.  He takes excellent care of me and the babies.  He makes sure that I'm hydrated and brings me fresh glasses of water when he notices that mine is getting close to empty (because I will obsessively conserve water when my glass is less than 1/4 full for some reason... seriously weird).  He brings me string cheese to snack on because he knows that the babies need protein.  He goes on evening walks with me even though I know he would probably rather be running or swimming.  He mows the lawn, does the dishes, tells me I'm beautiful, kisses me goodbye before he goes to work and buys me my first Mother's Day card.    He rolls with the punches and is a sweetheart when I'm in a funky (or pregnancy-induced irrational) mood.  I am a lucky woman, despite the fact that he occasionally accidentally sprays me with orange juice.  Our babies are lucky babies to have such an awesome daddy.

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  1. You telling this entire story just makes me love you guys more! Glad to know that even such a darling couple has "moments" and yet finds a way to get past it!