Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Finds

I got some more fabulous finds today on Craigslist and one of the forums that I frequent.  I've been wanting to buy some Ultimate Crib Sheets, because I hear that they are a lifesaver.  I found some on Craiglist for $5 each (they usually retail for around $20).  One of them is even embroidered with Psalm 139.

(Sorry about the shadows on the picture - it's hard to find good light this time of day.)

The lady also had a green gingham dust ruffle and bumper that she had been asking $50 for but no one had shown any interest.  So she gave it to me for free (along with a matching green crib sheet)!  It's really cute, but hard to get a picture of without putting it on the crib, so I'll post a picture later.  I gave her $20 for all of it anyway, because it was just really nice of her to do that.

I also bought a humidifier and a bottle warmer.  I paid $10 for each of them, and this lady gave me a changing pad, some bottles and a blanket for free.  The humidifiers usually go for about $35 and the bottle warmers go for $40. 

Here are some pictures of the humidifier.  It's in the shape of an elephant.  I don't know if it's really cute or kind of creepy...

The mist comes out of his trunk.  =)


  1. I like the mist! Leslie, if ever I need deals, I'm going to ask you! DANG!

  2. I'm going with cute on the elephant.