Monday, May 17, 2010

The Nursery: Part 2

This weekend, we went crazy working on the nursery.  On Friday night, we went to Home Depot to buy some Freshaire paint for the nursery.  They have a very limited selection of colors (which was both a blessing and a curse), and we selected Silent Moment (sounds like a great name for a nursery paint color, huh?).  It's a very light blue color.  We were unsure of whether to go a little darker, but this turned out to be perfect when we put it on the wall.

We started by ripping out the closet shelving.  All of our closets have that annoying wire shelving.  We're hoping to slowly replace those with something more sturdy.  Then we had to spackle all of the holes in the wall.  We also took the closet door out, because it would always hit the room door when you open it, and it's easier to get things out of the closet without dealing with the door.

We put a fresh coat of bright white on the ceiling.  I always cut in the paint, and then Jason rolls it on.  The nice thing about using VOC-free Freshaire paint is that I could help out without worrying about all the fumes.  You can barely smell anything in the room - quite a change from regular paint, which we can usually smell for weeks.

In this next picture, you can see the first coat of the paint on the wall on the left, and I'm working at cutting in the wall with the window.  This day took a huge toll on our knees.  I think we need to invest in some knee pads.

Our musical inspiration for painting was the Glee albums and a little Tommy Walker, courtesy of my good friend, Stephanie.

Oh, I am so glad to see that nasty brown carpet gone.  We're pretty sure it's the original carpet from when the house was built in 2001.  It has held up well, but it's very dirty and faded in spots from the sun.  We're going to put in some laminate.  Jason did all of the work to remove the carpet and pull up the tack boards.

Here is our lovely sub-floor, and we were able to put down the underlayment for the laminate.  We'll probably finish the laminate next weekend.

We got laminate from Lowes for $0.62 per square foot.  The room has already come a long way from this:

I have to give major props to my amazing husband for doing all the heavy legwork.  I helped where I could, but he did all the heavy lifting.

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  1. Wow, it looks great already! Let us know if we can come help out. (Understanding of course that us helping would look something like Ian and Jason working in the nursery and you, me and the kiddos getting Goodberry's or something...)