Sunday, May 2, 2010

25.5 Weeks

Here is what a 25 and a half week twin belly looks like.  Quite a contrast from the first belly pics I posted long ago...

For the record, my belly button is still in.  Kristi may very well win the guessing game on when it's going to pop, since she's the only one to guess.  May 25... I think I can make it!

It seriously felt like our little guy was running like a hamster in a wheel today.  It makes me think of when you see a dog dreaming, and their legs start flailing like they're running after something.  I think he was trying to run up the side of my uterus.  He makes me smile.  =)

Jason read in a book yesterday that they have seen twins interacting with each other in an ultrasound.  They say that they have observed them fighting, hugging and kissing.  Very interesting.  I have to admit that the kissing is a bit hard to believe.  The fighting - not so much...


  1. My belly button never popped, so my guess is yours never will.

  2. Is this your back porch? So pretty!