Friday, May 14, 2010

The Nursery: Part I

We are finally beginning to do the nursery.  Here is what it looked like before:

It's a very small room, and it's the most neglected room in our house.  It is the closest room to our bedroom, so we decided it would be the best choice for the nursery.  To date, it's been the "kids' room" for when our life group comes over.  There are 5 kids under five years old, and they would play in here (with a babysitter) while the adults hung out downstairs.  (If you're wondering... yes, that is duct tape holding together a huge rip in the old leather love seat.)

A huge thanks to all the life group guys for helping us get this furniture out of the room.  We already sold our cheap-o tv stand for $15 on Craigslist (of course).  We're still trying to off-load the love seat and the TV.

We took the blinds off the window and we're in the process of re-caulking it.  Here is what the room looks like bare:

We're going to paint the ceiling and walls this weekend.  Jason really wants to use the VOC-free paint from Home Depot called Freshaire.  We're using a Home Depot gift card that I got through work to buy the paint.  We're going to paint it a muted blue color, and we're having a muralist paint a mural for the little ones.  The mural is definitely our big splurge.

I can't wait to post more pictures as we continue to make progress!

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