Wednesday, May 12, 2010

27 Weeks

We're at 27 weeks today - the last week of our second trimester.  I'll be really glad when we get into the thirties.  The babies seem to be doing really well.  They're kicking and punching more every day.  It's very interesting to have two little ones in there, because there is a lot of motion in my belly.  Sometimes only one of them will get going.  Every now and then, they both get going.  I was joking to Jason last night that sometimes it feels like there is a baby disco in there.  I can almost hear the bass...

The babies should be around 2 pounds each now - about 14 inches long with their legs extended.  We'll have another ultrasound on the 25th to give us an idea of exactly how big they are.

They can open and close their eyes.  Their lungs are still developing.  They have eyebrows and eyelashes, and they look very much like they will look when we meet them.

We got our glucola (glucose drink) from the OB at our last appointment.  Sometime later this week or next, I'll drink it up and drive myself in for a blood test (to check for gestational diabetes).  I really like that I don't have to actually sit at the doctor's office and wait the entire hour for my blood test.  They allow me to drink it at home and just be sure that I'm at the office for the blood collection at exactly 1 hour after I drink it.

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