Monday, June 14, 2010

The Nursery: Part 3 (Mural)

We had a beautiful mural painted in the babies' nursery by a very talented artist from our church, Tom Connolly.  He spent many hours up in the nursery creating a lovely outdoor scene for our little ones.  Here are some pictures of the finished mural:

This large scene is on the main wall in the nursery.  He even painted the twins.  

The cute bunny is in the corner near our changing table.

This adorable little guy is near the light switch by the door.

I'll have to post some pictures of the nursery once we've painted the trim - the final touch.  That will give a better sense of the scale.

A huge thanks to Tom for a beautiful mural for our little ones!


  1. How cute! So do life group members get to come see it even if we no longer meet there?

  2. I love that he painted the twins in the mural!!!

  3. That is soooo awesome Leslie and Jason!! You guys are going to be the best parents. The little ones are very lucky God chose you for their parents :)

    Love you both,