Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy First Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!  I am so excited to be celebrating this Father's Day with my wonderful husband.  He has taken such wonderful care of me and these babies.  He is truly one of the most selfless, loving people I've ever met.

On Friday, he called from work just to say he loved me.  I told him that I was having a "blah" day.  I felt tired, bored, not interested in really doing anything, not feeling like I had accomplished anything... just one of those "blah" days.  He came home from work with some diet Dr. Pepper (my favorite), some cookie dough ice cream and a rental movie.  It's these little things that remind me that he loves me, and can take any day from "blah" to another special day that we have together.

I have one more story that I want to capture here.  Last year, I had signed up to take a class on how to make paper roses.  I signed up way ahead of time, but a last-minute work trip came up and I had to be out of town and miss the class.  When I got home from that trip, Jason had a little vase of paper roses here for me.  He had gone to the class in my place.  I think it was him and about 6 other ladies in the class.  He learned how to make them so that he could make me some and then teach me what I had missed in the class.  I immediately started crying, because I was just so moved by what a thoughtful, sweet man I get to share my life with.  (And, of course, my eyes tear up as I type this.)

Happy First Father's Day, Jason!  There are a million reasons and examples that I could give at how you are a good father already.  You have taken such wonderful care of me and these two babies.  I think our kids have already hit the paternal jackpot in you.  I love you so much.

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  1. Happy, happy father's day to you Jason! Our family (especially our kids) second Leslie's thoughts on your kids hitting the paternal jackpot! We know you are gonna be AWESOME!