Wednesday, June 16, 2010

32 Weeks!

We're at 32 weeks today - wow! The babies are doing really well. We had another doctor's appointment yesterday, and everything looks great. My blood pressure is good and the babies' heartbeats are strong. I think my weight yesterday was 198 lbs.  So I am clearly going to pass 200 lbs before these babies come.  The nurse said she almost wrote down 299 lbs (ok, 200 lbs is one thing, 300 lbs is completely another thing!).  Needless to say, I am eager to be able to start working out again once the babies are here and my body has had some time to heal.

I'm feeling much more tired these days, and it's getting uncomfortable to do most things - standing, walking, bending over, picking up things.  Even when I'm just sitting, I really want to be able to recline slightly.  The babies push on my lungs and ribs, so it's much more comfortable if I can recline and give them more room in my abdomen.  Both of their sets of feet actually stick up in front of my rib cage at times, which feels pretty uncomfortable.  On the other hand, I'm just glad that they have strong little legs that they can use to stretch and kick.  I wonder if they will be athletes like their daddy.

My feet have begun to swell to enormous proportions.  I actually find this somewhat disturbing.  My hands have been swelling for a long time, but my swollen feet just look really, really bad to me.  It's funny that I'm more self-conscious of that than my gigantic belly.  Luckily, my mom took me for a pedicure a couple weeks ago, so at least my toes look pretty (thanks, Mom!).

The babies have clearly started pushing on my bladder at times.  It's really difficult to describe how this feels, but it is very, very clear that they are pushing on my bladder.  Even though this is a little uncomfortable, I love just knowing that they are in there and that they are using their little muscles.  

The babies should be almost 4 lbs now.  We'll have another growth scan next week to get more up-to-date estimations on their actual size.

We think we may be close to naming them.  The little girl has a name, but we're still not totally solid on our little guy's name yet.  I guess it would be weird if he were 13 years old and we still call him "Baby A," so we're going to have to settle on something.  =)

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  1. While Amanda was pregnant, we had been saying "Baby" and "the baby" and other nicknames for so long, that when we finally met Adria and gave her a name, it actually took us quite a while to call her "Adria" more often than "Baby". So you never know...maybe you'll have a teenage "Baby A" even if/when you DO come up with the perfect name. :)