Friday, May 9, 2014

First Swimming Lessons

Miles and Vivienne just wrapped up their first official swimming lessons at the local Y.  The loved it.  There was only one other child in their class besides them.   Well, there were 2 other kids, but one of the other kids did not enjoy lessons so he was only there for a few seconds.  Their teacher, Julianne, was great, and the kids looked forward to their lessons each day (twice a week in the evenings).

They did all the standard stuff, swimming with flotation devices, floating on their backs, blowing bubbles under the water, dunking their heads, etc.  They don't exactly swim like fish yet, but they definitely enjoy being in the water.

And someone was ready for her pre-lesson close-up.  (I did not encourage her to pose.)

She clearly gets this from her father.  *cue crickets*

At the last lesson, they got to ride this boat contraption.  We have no idea what this has to do with swimming, but the kids thought it was fun.

On a related note, Evelyn took a "First Strokes" kind of lesson with me.  She was very, very timid in the big pool.  We have had her in the toddler pool a couple times this year, but she seemed terrified of getting in the big pool with me.  She had a death grip on me and it took nearly 30 minutes to get her to relax in the pool with me holding her.  Something tells me that she'll warm up to it quickly once our neighborhood pool opens, but this surprised me because Miles and Vivienne never had any nerves around the water (at least that I can recall).

There are rumors that our subdivision pool will open this weekend.  Keeping my fingers crossed that that is true.  We will have some happy kids on our hands if that is the case!


  1. I LOL'd at the poses. That's hysterical. Yes, I still read your blog. :)

  2. The poses are great. I love it. I definitely picture her getting those from Jason.