Sunday, April 5, 2015

Homemade Valentines

This was the first year that the kids had a class to share valentines with.  Instead of buying pre-made valentines at the store, the kids decided that they wanted to make their own.  Vivienne started by cutting out little hearts and adding faces to them (her idea).

Then she glued them to white index cards and wrote her name on them.

Miles decided he wanted to write "I love you.  Miles" on each card.  He hand wrote every single one.  This was a pretty big deal for him, because we have been working on his grip and writing and fine motor skills with an occupational therapist for almost 6 months.  For him to write this long was a pretty sizable accomplishment.

Our valentines didn't come with lollypops or super hero designs, but they sure came with a lot of love.

1 comment:

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