Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I haven't been great at posting developmental updates for Miles and Vivienne.  And that is a shame, because they have developed in their speech and counting at a very fast pace.  I really enjoy watching them count things.  They frequently will count out loud to the upper teens.  Just over the past month or so, they have really grasped the concept of counting objects.  They will count just about anything.  Yesterday, we were at the Farmer's Market and they had these enormous pumpkins.  The kids would walk by them and put their hands on each one and count,"One!  Two!  Three!" and so on.  I think they got up to around 13.

Their language skills are also getting much better very quickly.  Vivienne often speaks in well formed phrases and sentences, though these are still very simple sentences.  Miles usually uses individual words or shorter phrases, but his vocabulary has grown so much.  Jason often teaches him new words by pointing out objects in the illustrations of their books, and Miles retains it very well.  I was surprised one day to have him point out a stringed instrument to me one day and declare "cello!"

It's so fun to watch these two learn and grow.  They are growing up so quickly.  I try to remember to soak up as much of it as I can.

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  1. Counting has been a really fun milestone. I enjoy Greg's pride as he reaches "sen-nen, ayyyyght, nenn, ... TEN!!"