Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Vomit Continues

Friday night, Miles got whatever bug had caused Vivienne to get sick.  That night, he woke up around 1 am crying and coughing a lot.  We went into his room and he had thrown up a little bit in his bed, but it wasn't too bad.  We changed his sheets and got him calmed down and back to sleep fairly quickly.

About 45 minutes later, he woke up again, coughing and crying a lot.  We went into his room, and he was vomiting profusely.  Jason picked him up out of his crib, and he kept throwing up.  At least Jason was coherent enough to think to grab the trash can so that Miles could throw up in that.  It was all over his sheets, all over him... it was bad.  We took him in to give him a bath, cleaned up the trash can and changed the sheets yet again.  Luckily, after calming down and taking a bath, Miles seemed to be back to his cheery, chatting self again.  Once we got him back to sleep, he didn't wake up again.

Vivienne didn't really enjoy the show that was going on in their room at 2 am.  We're thankful that she was tired enough to fall back to sleep again quickly as well.  Also, Evelyn woke up only once that night to nurse, so Mommy was very thankful for that.

Last night, Miles only woke up once and threw up the tiniest bit.  And Evelyn did a one-feeding performance again as well.  Hopefully tonight we don't have any vomit.

I seem to have gotten the kids' bug as well, but it hasn't hit me as hard.  I'm hoping that we will all be totally back to normal tomorrow.

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