Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Dentist Appointment

In early March, Miles and Vivienne had their first dental appointment.  I was blown away by how cool the pediatric dentist was.  The waiting room looked like an animal safari, with nearly life-sized stuffed tigers and lions and bubble walls and tiny couches perfect for toddlers.  When the kids went back for their exams, each chair already had a toy sitting in it.  Each chair was also equipped with a swivel flat-screen television that the dentist could position right above the kids' heads as they cleaned and examined their teeth.  Miles and Vivienne gladly sat there, watching the movie Cars, while the dentist poked around in their mouths.

We got great reports on Miles and Vivienne's mouths.  We have become much more diligent about brushing since the appointment, and we even floss Miles' teeth every night now.  I would never have dreamed we could floss his teeth before that appointment.  But they showed us ways to work with him that make it pretty painless now.  Vivienne doesn't need any flossing, because she has lots of space between all of her teeth.  They said that these spaces should be useful when her adult teeth start coming in.  Only time will tell!


  1. okay, we are not flossing yet...brushing, yes, but I'm pretending flossing is unnecessary for them :)

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