Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twin Napping Breakthrough

For the past month or so, Miles and Vivienne's nap times have been a bit of a nightmare (pun intended).  Even though I know they are exhausted after a morning at the museum or the playground, they would sit up in their cribs together, passing toys back and forth.  Sometimes this would eventually lead to arguing (usually Miles pulling away one of Vivienne's blankets or something).  So, I started separating their cribs by a few feet so that they couldn't mess with each other.  Well, this only helped a little.  After coming to my wit's end last week, I finally started putting Miles in a pack n play in a separate room (formerly our exercise room).  All I can say is, "Wow!  What a difference!"  Sometimes one of them will still have a harder time falling asleep, but this is usually just an hour or so of singing (Vivienne) or talking to themselves (Miles).  Overall, this is leading to a much, much more peaceful nap time for all of us.  And, believe me, Mommy needs that time to get a little break.  Now, I have about an hour of overlapping nap time with all three kids asleep together.  It's wonderful.

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  1. I'm so behind on reading blogs! But yes, napping separately is my only way for sane naptimes in our house. Makes a huge huge difference. We are going to have all of our bedrooms occupied by kids for a few more years now, but it's worth it.