Thursday, April 11, 2013

Great Big Sister

Vivienne is a great big sister.  She loves taking care of "the baby" in so many ways.  She will often fetch her Sophie giraffe (on her own) and come running over saying,"Here baby.  It's your Sophie giraffe!"  She loves to help change her diapers and bring her toys and hold her (though holding her usually ends quickly because Evelyn does not always love this).  Vivienne will even occasionally share her beloved Bea (her Piglet lovey) with her sister.  Now THAT is love.

Last night at dinner, Vivienne was feeding Evelyn her dinner.  She literally sat for about 10 minutes, putting spoonful after spoonful of chili, hummus and applesauce in Evelyn's mouth.  Vivienne loved playing mommy and Evelyn loved getting food, so this was definitely a win-win situation. 

I can't believe my "baby" is feeding my baby.  When did this happen?

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