Monday, April 15, 2013

My Sweet Singing Man

I just put all the kids down for their nap.  I'm currently listening to Vivienne playing with her new fox toy (thanks, Melissa and Brad!) and her other toys.  There is always some sort of toy (usually Baby Jaguar) rescue mission under way, thanks to Diego and Dora.

When I put Miles down in his pack n play, he asked, "Sing a song, Mommy?"  I said, "Of course."  We went through our usual repertoire - Itsy Bitsy Spider followed by Jingle Bells followed by Jesus Loves Me.  When you sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, you have to do all the hand motions.  Then when you sing Jingle Bells,  you have to bend down really low (which he reminded me, because I started the song standing all the way up).  Then you jump up on the "hey!" of the "one-horse open sleigh - hey!".  And then, for some reason, you have to yell "Bible tells me SO!" at the end of Jesus Loves Me. 

As I was walking out of the room, I said, "I love you so much, Miles."  He replied, "I love you so much, Mommy."

These are the everyday (extra)ordinary moments that I will miss so much.


  1. I just melt when they say stuff like that! Makes it all worth it.