Sunday, July 21, 2013

Evelyn's First Birthday

Our baby is growing up.  Our sweet girl has turned one already.  She enjoyed her special day, complete with a fun new dress from Grandma.  After church, she had a crawling session with her sister.

Miss Evelyn is full of spunk and smiles and cuddles.  She often crawls a few feet away and then looks back with this devilish grin that says, "You're going to chase me, aren't you, Mom?"  And she crawls faster and faster, giggling all the way, as I chase her down on all fours.

She only pulls up occasionally, but it is a rare sight.  She doesn't show any interest in walking yet.  I'm hoping she just crawls forever because it's pretty darn adorable. 

Miles and Vivienne were more than happy to "help" Evelyn open her gift from Grandma.  Of course, Evelyn didn't get to even touch the wrapping paper.  But at least she got quick access to the fun toy inside.

And at least Miles and Viv let her open her very first card on her own.

After dinner, we let her dig into her smash cake.  I made her a double layer chocolate cake with pink buttercream icing.  I thought the roses were appropriate for our sweet Evelyn Rose.

And the rest of us got to devour some cupcakes.  On a side note, piping icing turns out to be pretty easy and I really enjoy it.  If only icing were good for you...

Evelyn loved her cake.  She started licking the icing off of her hands first, and then, with a little assistance, she dug into the cake itself. 

She really got into the whole "smash" part of the smash cake.  She probably smashed it more than she ate it, but she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

You know the smash cake was a success when you're washing it off the walls.

The aftermath.

It's hard to believe that I have two 3-year-olds and a 1-year-old now.  It's definitely true the the days go by slowly but the years go by quickly.

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