Thursday, September 26, 2013

Evelyn's First Night Away (Kid Free Evening!)

A couple days ago, it was Jason's birthday.  To give us a child-free night out, my parents had all three kids spend the night at their new home.  Grandma and Grandad have bought a new home and moved out of their rental house.  It's only about 15 minutes from us, and the kids are very excited about "Grandma's new house."  Miles and Vivienne have spent the night in my parents' rental home, but not in the new house yet.  And Evelyn had never spent the night away from us.  But now Evelyn is weaned and very, very consistently sleeping through the night, so we figured she would be just fine.

Their night at Grandma and Grandad's went very well.  The big kids slept in a big bed together for the first time (a queen-sized bed instead of the twin beds we have at home), which I think is just adorable.  And Evelyn slept all night in her pack n play without a peep. 

Jason and I celebrated his birthday by going for a run together (which we never get to do).  After that, we checked out a new (to us) restaurant, Dalat.  It's a Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall in Raleigh and it is very good.  I found a dish there that I loved from a restaurant in Alhambra (Los Angeles) that I haven't had in a very long time.  Jason enjoyed a Thai tea with boba (which I only took 2 sips of, which required a great deal of restraint, let me tell you). 

Jason's birthday gift this year was registration for us both to the Tobacco Road Half Marathon in March.  I'm looking forward to running another half marathon, because I haven't done that since we lived in California (7 years ago - how did that much time pass???).  We'll see how fast I can run a post-baby (or post-three-babies?) half marathon.

It was awesome to "sleep in" (aka get up at 7 am) and relax in the morning.  The kids absolutely loved their night at Grandma's, of course, and didn't want to leave.  It was a win-win for everybody, except for maybe Grandma and Grandad who probably needed a good nap the next day!

Thanks for a baby-free night, Mom and Dad!  And happy birthday to my sweet, hard-working husband!

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