Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Screened Porch

Jason and I have wanted a screened porch since we started looking for a house to buy in Cary in 2008.  This year, we finally bit the bullet and built it.  This was quite a decision for us, because we are usually very frugal (like making our own detergent frugal and cloth diapering three kids frugal and saving my egg boiling water to dump on my plants after it cools frugal).  But we are so, so glad we did it.  It's a beautiful addition to our home, and we are finding ourselves living out there.  I don't think we have eaten a single meal inside our house since the porch was finished.  It is also the preferred location for the kids to play and for our craft time.  This space is probably going to be the most used space in our home besides our kitchen.

Our first meal on the porch was without Daddy, because he was in San Jose for work (have I mentioned that he has a new job?). 


  1. This is awesome, so nice! I loved having a screened porch and miss that here (no way to screen ours, sad).. Avoiding the Mosquitos would be heaven. Knowing you guys, when you say you built it, did you two really build it?? I mostly expect that to be yes :) is Jason still working for sas or another company?

  2. Wow! That looks really nice. Everything is really worth it. Screened porches are really a great addition to any home. They can definitely spruce up a home plus the fact that you can enjoy more privacy and you can decorate that extra space with furnitures and other appliances. I would enjoy my meal too on that porch.