Friday, October 4, 2013

First Salon Haircut

A couple weeks ago, we decided to let the kids have their first salon haircut experience.  Miles hair continues to be a challenge for me (even though I have cut Jason's hair for over 5 years now... he has not been to a salon once in at least five years).  So I thought I would leave it to the professionals.  The kids were both really excited to sit in the big chairs.

And Miles looked ridiculously cute with the smock over him.

The hair dresser did a great job with Miles' hair, and I asked her a few things to help me with the next cut.

I have no idea what was happening here.  I guess Viv was making faces in the mirror?

And Evelyn seemed a little sad that she wasn't joining in on the fun.

We were going to have the lady pretend "cut" Vivienne's hair so that she wouldn't feel left out, but we decided to go ahead and let her have a real haircut, too.  She was tickled pink.

Oh my goodness, this was just cuteness overload.

Seriously, this post is becoming a Fantastic Sam's commercial, isn't it?  We left with two very happy kids with lollipops to boot.

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