Friday, October 18, 2013

Monkey Hear, Monkey Do

Evelyn has gotten very good at saying quite a few words.  Often, we will say a new word only a few times, and she will correctly say it back to us.  It's unclear whether she realizes what all these words mean, but I think she has the right object-word association on most of these words and can say them:

  • duck
  • truck
  • light
  • mama
  • dada
  • bear (her lovey)
  • book
  • bye bye
  • dog
She also has what almost sounds like "milk" and maybe "water" consistently, but we're not ready to call those yet.  When she says "duck" and "truck", she even pronounces the "ck" sound on the end.  I'm fairly certain that when Miles and Viv were her age, they would mostly just say "du" instead of "duck."  Evelyn definitely seems to be picking up language faster.  However, she seems to have no interest in walking (though she does walk behind walking toys very enthusiastically and has excellent balance).  We make very little effort to encourage her to walk, but I think it will be fun when she eventually picks it up and starts toddling around the house.

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