Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Evelyn is 18 Months

Back in February, Evelyn had her 18-month appointment.  It was originally in January, but we had to cancel it a couple times because of the snow.  Here are her stats:

  • Height: 32.25 (55%)
  • Weight:  24.6 (72%)
  • HC:  18.5 (67%)
This is the first time I have had to fill out one of those development assessments for her (where you indicate whether she can say words and phrases and motor skills, etc).  She did great on all of those things, and the answer to almost all of those questions was "yes" (whereas the answer was often "sometimes" or "almost never" for the twins at this age).

I estimate that Evelyn probably has about 200 words now.  She is doing small phrases, like "Mommy, seat!" (which actually means, "Mommy, sit!").  She says all kinds of animal names (horse, dog, cat, fish) and sounds they make.  One of her favorite words has to be "cookie."  She knows some unusual words like "hummus" and "gnocchi."  She now has a clear way to distinguish between Mommy and Grandma, who she calls "Mamaw."  She recently has a new word for cupcake, because I have been baking a lot of cupcakes... she calls them "birthdays".  So clearly, some of her words aren't used quite correctly, but they are very close, and it is so fun to hear her chattering away and learning the often-confusing rules of the English language.

Evelyn says Miles and Vivienne's names all the time now.  Multiple times a day, she will bring them their lovies or their waters bottles (which are distinguishable colors, and therefore either clearly Miles' or Vivi's) and say "Mayas" or "Vivi" as she hands it to them.  It's adorable.  If she hears their voices, she will say their names.  A few days ago, I left the big kids at my mom's house.  When we got in the van, Evelyn kept saying "Mayas!  Vivi!" because she didn't understand why they weren't in the van with us (and her carseat faces them, since she is still backwards).  Again, adorable.

Evelyn's motor skills are getting much better.  Her walking is more steady and she loves trying to keep up with her brother and sister as best as she can.  She has started enjoying scribbling with crayons and markers (though they still end up in her mouth more often than I would like).  She has fun playing dress-up with Vivi.

We're rounding the corner toward her 2nd birthday.  It's hard to believe.  My baby's growin' up.

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