Friday, March 21, 2014

Season of Illness

We are apparently in a season of illness, which has been very tiring.  We're generally pretty healthy people, but we have gotten hit a bit hard over the past month.

The kids have had colds for about 4 weeks.  A couple weeks ago, Vivienne was very clingy at our co-op preschool and cried a lot and started complaining that her ears hurt.  Uh oh.  So I took her to the pediatrician, and, sure enough, she had an ear infection.  We got our prescription for antibiotics (first time on antibiotics, we're pretty sure, which is kind of amazing), got it filled and were on our way. 

The next day, I noticed that Evelyn didn't seem like herself, either (though honestly it's hard to remember what "acting like herself" is after she has been sick for about a month).  I decided to take her to the doctor just to have her checked over.  Yes.  Another ear infection... make that TWO infected ears.  And by this time I'm feeling like a really stellar mother.  We got our prescription (her first time on antibiotics) and were on our way.  Again. 

Over the past couple weeks, the girls healed very quickly, but Miles' congestion and coughing just wouldn't let up.  We took him to the peds about a week ago, because he was complaining that his ears hurt.  Well, he did NOT have an ear infection (Hallelujah!).  We're not sure whether it was just sinus pressure or whether it was medication envy (so many of their medicines taste like candy - they get jealous of each other taking medicine).  Anyway, off we go.

Well, Miles' congestion just kept going and going, but seemed to be getting a little better (maybe?).  This morning, he woke up with one of his eyes almost crusted shut.  I took him to the peds... conjuctivitis in both eyes.  So now he is on augmentin (his first time on antibiotics) for his sinus funk plus pink eye.  He looks absolutely pitiful, but is still energetic and wacky and wanting to ride his bike and kick his soccer ball. 

I have always loved that my kids have never had ear infections or needed antibiotics.  Within about 2 weeks time, they were all down for the count.  Clearly we are not invincible.  Here's to hoping that the antibiotics kick in quickly and that this entire family is illness free very, very soon.

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