Thursday, June 19, 2014

One Fish, Two Fish

After about three weeks of pretty regular pool time, Miles and Vivienne (and even Evelyn to some extent) are becoming quite the little fishes.  A couple weeks ago, Vivienne decided she didn't need her puddle jumper, and she has not used it since.

Visiting our local pool with our preschool friends (John, Quin and Emme and their younger siblings, Ruthie and Will) has become a favorite pastime of Mommy and kids alike.

Miles is usually found jumping off the side of the pool with John and Quin.

Vivienne now also jumps off the side of the pool and swims to us.  She will usually choose Miss Julia or Miss Marie over Mommy, which I think is adorable.  It's so cool to have other women in my children's lives that they love so dearly and feel so comfortable with.

Evelyn is now comfortable enough to let me carry her into the deeper water.  Her favorite pool activities are pointing out all my facial features, especially my nose, and trying to lower my bathing suit straps.  My little Chocolate Chip is becoming more comfortable in the pool each day, and will constantly ask to go back in the swimming pool (or "swimmy poo", as she calls it) when we're on the sidelines.

Of course, all this pool time makes for some pretty sweet naps.  (And some pretty green hair on Viv… going to pick up some anti-chlorine shampoo tomorrow.)

I often find myself laughing at how they throw themselves off the side of the pool with abandon.  There is complete commitment (by both Miles and Vivienne) to fling their bodies into the water as far as they can.  In our subdivision pool (where there is no lifeguard), they were running about 12 feet before they jumped into the pool.  At the local pool yesterday, the lifeguard kept having to remind Vivienne to go in feet first, because she does this belly flopping jump thing that sometimes ends up almost head first.  Gosh, I love these crazy little people.

So much fun and so many blessings in these great friends!

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  1. Yay! I'm loving catching up on the blog! I bet Jason is so excited that they all like swimming. :) Also, Ev reminds me a bit of you and your independence! That's hilarious. :)