Saturday, July 19, 2014

Canoeing on Bond Lake

Last weekend, Evelyn wasn't feeling great, so I took her to the pediatrician (on a Saturday - whoohoo!) with Vivienne.  Jason grabbed the opportunity to have some guy time with Miles.  The kids rarely get true one-on-one time with us, so it was quite a treat for Miles to spend the morning with his Daddy.

They started out with biscuits from Bojangles… always a special treat!

After their second breakfast (because we had already had oatmeal and eggs that morning!), Jason took him to nearby Bond Lake to play on the playground.  After milling around the playground for a bit, Jason asked him if he wanted to go rent a boat.  They decided to try a canoe (we have done paddle boats before, but not canoes).  They got their oars and were off!

Jason said that they went around the lake a few times (obviously much MUCH faster than the paddle boats we got last time).  After their hour was up, Miles cried when they had to return to shore.

I know he's looking forward to more special time with his dad, and I hope we can find ways to carve out these special days more often.

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