Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day of Preschool

I don't quite know how it happened.  But somehow, my little 6 and 6.5-pound babies started preschool last week.  Their first day was really more of a half-day "meet the teacher" experience.

They were excited and a little bit nervous about going.  But I think they are going to love their teachers, Mrs. M (Miles) and Mrs. P (Vivienne).

It was a staggered morning, with Miles at school for the first half and Vivienne at school for the second half.  Waiting in line to meet his teacher, Miles seemed a bit shy and nervous.

But when I dropped him at the door to meet Mrs. M, he walked right in with his "special bag" (they give each child their own bag to be responsible for).  While Miles was enjoying meeting his new friends, I took the girls to get a biscuit, which is a very rare treat.

Then we went back to pick up Miles and drop Vivienne.

Last week was their first full week of school, and it went very well.  Miles had a little bit of a harder adjustment, but settled in just fine.

On their first full day of school (last Monday), I held it together when I dropped them off, but I cried on the walk back to the car.  I miss them, but is is nice to have 3 days a week with just Evelyn.  I have never had one child before, and I really enjoy it.

By the end of the first week, Vivienne is holding a pencil properly and writing her name on her own.

(Grandpa, I hope you are ready to receive this lovely picture of a hairy bug… or something.)

I had hemmed and hawed about whether to send them to preschool this year.  I'm so glad that I did. I think they are ready for preschool at this age, and this will be excellent preparation for kindergarten next year.  According to the school age cutoffs, they should be going to kindergarten next year, but they will also be youngest in their class (because of their birthday).  I'm so thankful that their preschool teachers will be able to help us assess whether to send them to kindergarten in 2015 or whether to wait another year to give them more time.

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