Monday, September 8, 2014

Miles and Vivienne's First Soccer Practice

On Saturday morning, we went to Miles and Vivienne's first soccer practice.  We will be cheering on the Panthers for the next couple of months.  I'm pretty sure the MVPs on the team are #4 and #6, but I could be wrong.  At least they are clearly the MCPs (Most Cute Players).

They started practice by learning to kick to one another.

And learning to stop the ball with their feet.

And looking ridiculously cute in their jerseys.

Their little sister was content to sit on the sidelines with her apple and sweat like crazy (have I ever mentioned that this child sweats more than any kid I have ever seen?).

Vivienne wanted two braids for the occasion.

They also learned to dribble, of course.

The last half of the practice was a scrimmage game.  Vivienne was not a fan of the game portion of the practice.  Miles eventually caught on, but the parents spent most of our time yelling things like "Wrong way!" and "Turn around!" and "Other goal!"

At this point, I guess we should just be proud of them for not picking up the ball and throwing it to each other.

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