Monday, November 24, 2014

Friendship Feast

The kids' preschool does a Friendship Feast for the 4-year-olds.  Two classes get together near lunchtime, one class dressed as Native Americans and the other class dressed as pilgrims.  They share a meal together.  And it is STINKIN' ADORABLE.  I seriously almost cried when Miles' class came in because they were so cute.  Miles' feast was last Friday, and he dressed as a Native American.  Vivienne's feast was today and she dressed as a pilgrim.  Jason took time off of work to come watch both kids' feasts.  I'm thankful that he has flexibility at work to attend events like these.

Vivienne's normal glasses are broken, so she is wearing her backups for now (which she does not like because they are slightly too big).  She kept leaning her head forward to be sure her pilgrim hat didn't fall off, and that caused her to be looking over her glasses.  I think she looked more like the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe than a pilgrim.  She was adorable nonetheless.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Adorable. Both of them. Especially Vivienne in her glasses!