Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

The kids had been eagerly awaiting Halloween for about the last 12 months.  About once a month, they would ask me when we would wear costumes and go trick-or-treating again.  (I'm pretty sure I can thank the random Halloween episodes of Dora for that.)  Last night, their dream finally came true.  Miles decided he wanted to resurrect the space shuttle costume from last year (which made Mommy very happy).  Vivienne had her heart set on being a "butterfly with orange and black wings".   And Evelyn just had to settle for the free, hand-me-down adorable droopy ladybug costume.  I must say that our crew was quite the cute little posse.

I'm pretty sure we were the first trick-or-treaters in our subdivision.  The kids just could not wait another minute.  After Grandma arrived to join in the fun with her cute orange pumpkin t-shirt, we headed out in broad daylight with our pumpkins (and Evelyn carried her fuzzy monkey from Easter).  Our first stop was our next-door neighbors' house, and then we were off.  The kids lasted quite a while, but after a while, Evelyn decided she wanted to ride in the stroller.  Around 7:30, we came home with heavy pumpkins and tired legs.

After a couple pieces of candy, the kids quickly found their fake teeth and that's when things started to get a little hairy…

Already looking forward to Halloween 2015.  Surely the space shuttle will not fit by then and Miles will have to choose another costume.  Mars rover maybe?

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  1. They all look so cute! The fake teeth are a great look - we landed one set of those. I bet all the neighbors were thrilled to see your crew come knocking.