Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy 17 Weeks!

I suppose this is my last of the "happy x weeks!" series for Miles and Vivienne.  On this upcoming Thursday (November 18), they are turning 4 months old.  I can't believe it.

This past week has been a lot of fun.  Miles has started "talking" a lot more.  He has been cooing at me, Daddy and Grandma all week long.  Yesterday, he rolled over again for the first time since the first day that he rolled over.  Two weeks ago, he rolled over 3 times, and he had not given a repeat performance until yesterday.  Miles is about 25 inches long and weighs 14 pounds and 14 ounces.

Daddy dressed me this morning.  Do you like my socks?  It's Stripe Day!

Vivienne is still talking and giggling up a storm.  She has gotten very good at spotting a toy and then reaching out to grab it.  She is just under 23 inches long and weighs 12 pounds and 7 ounces.

Vivienne is still deciding whether she likes the Bumbo.

Both babies hold onto my hair like crazy.  I can see why a lot of new moms get their hair cut short (though I won't be doing that).  I can't even imagine what they would do if I wore necklaces!

Grandma (Fox) has been here all week visiting us.  The babies are loving all the cuddles and attention that they get from her.  We're sad that she'll be returning to Indiana on Tuesday.

Grandma and Her Two Newest Grandbabies

Grandma's shoulder is the babies' favorite place to nap.  They quickly reach a catatonic state.


  1. My older sister would deliberately buy cheap, big-beaded necklaces that were strung on simple elastic. They were reasonably decorative, plus her kids loved to play with them, and if they broke she'd just sweep the pieces into the trash.

  2. Soon it will be 'Happy 4.25 Months', hehe.

  3. That picture of Grandma with her grandbabies is so cute!