Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!!

I probably shouldn't jinx it by writing about this, but for the past three or four nights, Miles and Vivienne have been going to bed around 6 or 7.  Then they eat once around 11 PM, and they sleep through until 7 or 8 AM.  Yesterday, they slept until 8:45 (Vivienne) and 9:30 (Miles).  I am a new woman!!  Of course, I shouldn't get used to this, because I'm sure as soon as we adapt to this, they will mix it up again and start waking up 3 times a night.  ;-)

They used to start in bed like this.

And we find them like this in the morning.

Wednesday night, we put them in separate cribs for the first time.  It makes me a little sad that they are too big for the same crib anymore, but it is neat to see them each in their own crib now.  We have the cribs beside each other in an L shape so that they can still see each other through the rails.

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  1. Cute cute cute! I'm thrilled for you and the newfound sleep you're getting. It does make you feel like a normal person again. Can you imagine when we sleep through the night all night, every night?! Oh, we have been loving the fleece sleepers too - we tried those recently and the babies have been sleeping much better. Maybe they were cold.