Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Walking Buddies

This morning, Kristi and her adorable kids, Kylie, Caleb and Darcy, came over to take a stroll with us.  It was a chilly day, so I had to bundle up the babies.  Here is Vivienne in her ridiculously cute "snow bunny" getup:

We walked for about a mile or so, and then the kids played inside while Kristi and I kept chatting.  We had a wonderful time.  It's so nice to have some grown up conversation to mix in with all the baby talking that I do around here.  Kristi even rocked Miles to sleep before she left.  Thank you, Kristi!!

Snuggles from Sweet Miss Kristi

Kylie is going to be a great mommy someday!

Daddy with His Snow Bunny


  1. How is BOB treating you? Do you just love it?! Vivienne looks so cute in her cuddly outfit. I think it's fun when these tiny babies are all bundled up and stuffed into hats and coats and blankets. They look adorable.

    *I wish they made her outfit in adult sizes, by the way.

  2. We love our BOB! It's great! I take them walking in it every day (except today, because it's raining). It was a great purchase. I can't wait until Viv has better neck control and I can start running with them.

  3. We enjoyed it yesterday! Ky kept talking about how cute the babies were all afternoon!