Monday, December 12, 2011

First Santa Encounter

Miles and Vivienne had their first encounter with Santa last night.  We went to the Holiday Express at Pullen Park.  They had lights set up for the train, and we were able to kick off the Christmas season with some friends.

Here is a rare photo of the four of us getting ready to ride the Holiday Express:

After riding the train, we rode the carousel.  Carousels are beautiful, but I have to say that I always feel a bit motion sick after I get off of them.  Last night was no exception.

Before we left, we stopped by to see Santa.  This was the kids' first time seeing Santa, but they did fairly well.  Miles at least sat in his lap without crying, and Vivienne let me hold her within the general vicinity of Santa (though she was NOT going to sit on his lap without melting down).  =)  Thanks for taking the photos, Mary!

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