Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Thing We Got That Minivan

I have so many things to write about and catch up on.  It has been harder for me to blog lately because I've been feeling a bit under the weather and I have been extremely exhausted at night.  Having twins will do that to you.  And having twins and BEING PREGNANT will really do that to you, too.  =)

We are thrilled to announce that Jason, Miles, Vivienne and I are expecting Baby C to join our family in July of 2012.  My official due date is July 27th.  Miles and Vivienne were born on July 18th, so they will be turning two very near the new baby's birthday.  Maybe they will all share the same birthday?  We would have to throw a HUGE party every year for that!

I am only 10 weeks along, but so far everything looks great.  I was going to wait until later toward the second trimester to blog about this, but I decided that I wanted to go ahead and share our wonderful news with family and friends.  I would still prefer to keep this off of Facebook for the time being, so if you can remember not to post about it over there, I would appreciate it.  =)

Here is what Baby C looked like on December 9th - my confirmation appointment at the OB.  They have a confirmation appointment to confirm that you're actually pregnant, asking questions like "When was your last cycle?" and "Have you taken a pregnancy test?".  I wanted to say, "Hey, I have twins.  I either have a baby in here or I have some sort of terminal illness that greatly resembles morning sickness."  (The morning sickness has been pretty bad again with this one.  Luckily, it's easing up now.  More on that later.)

December 9, 2012

The baby really just looks like a little peanut in this picture.

Here is what Baby C looked like on December 22, my first official regular OB appointment:

In this picture, the baby looks like he's (I have to pick a pronoun here, so I'll use "he"?) rock climbing up the left side of my uterus.  You can make out the leg bud in the lower left-hand corner of the fetus.

As we started through this process, I began to blog about it every now and then.  I saved them all as drafts.  I will post those now, so please bear with me as I sort of "machine gun" out some early pregnancy posts.

I'm SO glad that I have my minivan now.  We're going to need it.


  1. Woo-hoo! Congratulations! I read the first couple of sentences, then immediately popped over to Facebook to see how I missed it. When it wasn't there, I came back to keep reading and see if it was a secret. Whew, narrow miss. :)

    Can't wait to read more of your musings on the second's exhausting, fun, and rewarding.

  2. Congratulations!!!! Just saw this. So happy for you, Jason, Miles and Viv :) Yay!

  3. So happy for you all! :) July 27th was Emme's original due date, so cool! Can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy and watch your family's love expand in 2012. Congratulations again; we're thrilled for you all!

  4. I know what you are saying about morning sickness! Mine has finally started to go away, but I am noticing that my pregnancy symptoms are not exactly coming in order (i.e. my exhaustion hit in the second trimester). So excited for you!! Jason and I want to come visit again late Jan or sometime in Feb while I can still fly!!

  5. I'm personally pulling for July 18 again. How fun would that be?

  6. Congrats on baby C. I am so looking forward to hearing your thoughts the second time around. It was totally different for me the second time around and I am not sure if it was because I was different or the baby was different. And you even have 2 vs 1. So excited for you!

  7. Yay, congrats to you guys, so excited for you.

  8. Leslie- Congrats on baby C! I will be looking forward to hearing your pregnancy updates as I await my own "Baby C" arriving just a few weeks earlier. Hope you are feeling better now- I feel your pain on the morning sickness this time around!