Friday, October 5, 2012

Evelyn is 11 Weeks!

Evie turns 11 weeks old tomorrow.  I can't believe we're starting to creep up on 3 months old.  This past week has been a lot of fun.  She has begun to make a lot more vocalizations.  Before this week, we would get an intermittent coo here and there, but over the past few days, she will sit and "oo" and "ahh" at you for a good 10 minutes straight.  Evelyn is really blossoming, and it's such a joy to get to know her sweet little personality.  She reminds me so much of Vivienne at this age.

Evie also has the warmest dark brown eyes and her eyelashes seem to get longer every day.  She has lost most of the longer hairs that she was born with, but she seems to have an undercoat that is sticking around.  Hopefully she doesn't go completely bald.  Both her brother and sister lost nearly all of their hair during their first year (even though Miles was born with a thick head of black hair).

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