Thursday, October 18, 2012


We had plans today for a fun time at the park with Kristi and Daniel.  As we were leaving the house to meet them, I had all the kids in the car.  As I was buckling Vivienne into her car seat, I noticed that her crotch was damp.  I ran back inside to get another diaper and another set of pants.  After changing her in the floor of the van (I wasn't about to unbuckle Miles and Evie and bring everyone in for a diaper change), I buckled her into her seat.

At the playground, Miles and Vivienne were going down slides that were still damp from the night before.  (Of course, I had forgotten the towel that I usually have in the van for just such drying needs.)  After sliding a few times, both of their bottoms were damp, but I didn't think anything of it.  After about an hour, I noticed that Viv's pants were still very wet, and they even looked wet in the front.  Lo and behold, she had wet herself through her diaper and pants again.  I didn't have an extra pair of pants in the car, so she came home without any pants on (but luckily a fresh diaper).

After lunch, I put the kids down for naps in just their shirts and diapers.  Then I laid down with Evelyn to get her to nap.  After listening to the big kids laugh, sing together and eventually cry, I went in to remind them that they would not be coming out until they took a nap.  There was Vivienne, standing in her crib, pigtails on either side of her head and not a diaper or piece of clothing on her body.  She had taken off her diaper and shirt and thrown them on the floor.  I went downstairs to get a fresh diaper.  When I got back up to their room, she had just peed on herself standing there.

Thanks, baby girl.  Thanks.  I've had enough pee for one day, I think.


  1. Is this why they invented safety pins?

  2. That's just funny. Now. And because it didn't happen to me (yet). Seriously though, I totally get the changing in the car, because after you go through the effort to get all the kids in the car, no way are they all coming out! And I keep spare towels in our van too, for wet playgrounds or diaper changes or vomit explosions.