Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

The day that we got home from Florida, we joined an impromptu get together with some friends at a pumpkin patch nearby.  We were all still very tired from getting up so early, but it was fun to run around in a pumpkin field with our good friends.

Vivienne tried to pick up some pumpkins, but most of them were too heavy for her to lift.  Miles started picking up pumpkins and throwing them (all boy, that one, I tell ya!), but we had to put a stop to that, of course.

Pam and Jason brought Baby Will.  He was definitely one of the cutest pumpkins there.  I'm trying desperately to set Evelyn up with him someday so that Pam and I can plan a wedding together.

Kristi, Ian and their kids were also there.  Daniel had a hard time settling on the perfect pumpkin, but he eventually found "the one."

This is a rare shot of the Fox Five.  It's pretty hard to get us all in one shot these days.  At least everyone over 2 years old is looking at the camera.

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