Monday, November 12, 2012

Improvements in English and Letters and Counting

Miles and Vivienne are starting to speak very well.  Their sentences are becoming much more properly formed these days.  They say things like,"I want to dump it out," and "I need a new diaper."  Vivienne frequently uses the articles and prepositions and adjectives properly, and Miles does occasionally.  Before this, they would speak more like,"I want dump out" and "I need diaper."  It's fun to see their handle on English improving each week.

They are also getting much better with the alphabet.  They have been able to recite the song for a while now, but I wasn't sure whether they could actually recognize the letters.  We went to Bond Park yesterday, and Miles identified all the letters in the signs and trail markers, only confusing an "R" for a "K."  Vivienne also knows some letters, but she isn't as enthusiastic about pointing them out.  As we were leaving the park, Miles saw a stop sign and said,"S - T - O - P!"  So fun!

The big kids are also getting better with counting.  They can count somewhere up into the teens, but all the teens start to sound the same ("umpteen... ahteen... umpteen...").  They have also gotten a good grasp of the concept of counting actual objects (versus just reciting a string of numbers out loud).  At the Farmer's Market, they were counting pumpkins.  At lunch today, they were counting their strawberries and cantaloupe pieces.

I can't wait for the calculus homework.


  1. Wow spelling stop? That's so cool. I love how well they are talking now. We are enjoying that here too. Sometimes I stop and go "did they just say that?"

    1. Well, he can't actually spell "stop," but he can read the letters "S-T-O-P," if that makes sense. We're certain he's very, very gifted, but it hasn't necessarily manifested itself yet. ;) (j/k)